BBQ Catering @t home

Book Barbecue Catering Service at Home for Birthdays, House Parties, Special Occasions & Wedding Events.

 How it works :

Chief arrives at home

Prepares dish

Cleans The place after the service  and leaves

Barbecues are Better with a Private Chef

Our specialties are goat and chicken, raised in our farm located in Rusororo in a natural way 

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Cooks and Chefs at Home

Hot & Fresh

Health comes first. Everything is prepared fresh and served immediately.

Home Comfort

No need to bear the traffic. And no more effort in the kitchen.

Good Quantity

Get enough food cooked. Eat to your heart's content.

Pocket Friendly

Ordering online or Dining out - both options are 6 times more expensive.

Custom Made

Grandpa needs less salt? Kids like it spicy?

Get dishes customised.

Learn Recipes

Pick up secret recipes and cooking tricks if you are into culinary arts.

Our Menu

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BBQ Chicken


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Goat & Chicken Brochettes

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Beef, Chicken & Veggie             Burgers  

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BBQ Steack


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Cocktails HomeMade

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Goat Nyamacoma

Outdoor barbecues are best done with a private chef. While everyone has their own version of the goat skewer, or Nyamacoma, it's safe to say it's a staple at almost every party you see in the country.

But if enjoying these juicy morsels is a casual occasion, preparing all the meat, grilling them to perfection with a beer in hand, and talking to the guests, it can all seem hectic.

If all you want to do is enjoy this iconic weekend treat with your family and friends, then having a private chef involved can really spice up your summer circuit. While this may seem like an over-the-top way to improve your meat smoking manifesto, we're here to explore why hiring a private chef from SaltySaw is worth a try.

In addition, we offer top quality, free-range goats and chickens from our farm only.